ePay.info, Bitcoin Micropayments and Faucets

What is ePay.info

As many of you know ePay.info is working for over three years. Right after microwallet.org turned off because ePay.info have many faucets and we needed an alternative, so ePay.info decide to be an alternative for what ePay.info need.

At years and from ePay.info own faucets ePay.info have reached over One million user (with ~400,000 secured users with email) with ~380 BTC paid.

During these years ePay.info didn't want to offer our services to others as there were some good other services too like faucetbox.

Since Feb 2016 ePay.info have opened our services very limited to public and about 50 faucets came to ePay.info.

SIGNUP ePay.info

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