Mining Rig Rental

What is Mining Rig Rental

Mining Rig Rental somewhat different from the Cloud Bitcoin Mining. Mining Rig Rental are Marketplace service and Mining community that lets Bitcoin and Altcoin miners list their hardware on website for hourly leased contracts, which prospective renters can view and purchase a contract from owners of the hardware.

Renters can view the list of hardware available for lease, and purchase a hourly contract from the rig owner, enabling people without the hardware to gain access to a wide range of available Bitcoin or Altcoin miners.

We've found two places to rent rig among which MiningRigRentals and Nicehash

A variety of options that can be rented rig there's a wide variety of algorithms among which SHA256, scrypt, X11, Dagger-Hashimoto (G), Dagger-Hashimoto (S), Equihash / zcash, LBRY, X13, Blake256-14-Rnd (S) , Blake256-8-Rnd, qubits, Sha3-Keccak, Lyra2RE, NeoScrypt, X15, M7M, N-scrypt, YeScrypt, Nist5, X11Evo, Quark, lyra2REv2, Sia

I currently use the services of MiningRigRentals and already proven unreliable to hire a rig that will you will use later.

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