What is Altcoin
"Altcoin" stands for "Alternative Bitcoin," which describes every single cryptocurrency except for Bitcoin. Altcoins referred to as Alternative Bitcoin because at least to a certain extent, most Altcoins expected to replace or repair at least one component of Bitcoin.

First Altcoin
April 2011 Namecoin is Altcoin other than Bitcoin was first created. Although it also serves as a currency, Namecoin main goal is to decentralize the registration of domain names, which makes internet censorship much more difficult. Top Ten cryptocurrency market shows, Namecoin remains one of the most successful of all altcoins short-lived.

Altcoins Important?
There are hundreds of altcoins largely coin will not last for a long time. However, some altcoins innovate by experimenting with a feature that is not offered Bitcoin.

Many fans Bitcoin found altcoins really do not need and will not succeed because they could not compete with Bitcoin infrastructure. However, altcoins has an important role. Decentralization is one of Vietnam's most prominent Bitcoin, and more decentralize altcoins cryptocurrency. Additionally, altcoins allow developers to experiment with unique features, Altcoins give Bitcoin healthy competition. Altcoins gives users and developers cryptocurrency Bitcoin alternative options to remain active and continue to innovate.

Where to get Altcoins
As Bitcoin, there are various ways to get altcoins. The most basic way to get altcoins is to accept them as payment for goods or services.

You can also buy altcoins exchange cryptocurrency. Most use Bitcoin exchanges as an intermediary, so if you do not already have a bitcoin Bitcoin you need to buy before you buy Altcoins. Some exchanges are traded among which Poloniex, C-Cex, Bittrex, Bleutrade, etc.

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