Silvercoin Bounty Campaign

100,000 Silvercoin Bounty Campaign

SilverCoin is a Cryptocurrency-Based, Affiliate-Powered, Community-Directed, Decentralized Platform designed to Gamify and Monetize the Truth Movement using a Proof-of-Change (POC) protocol.

POC = The more truth you share and the more people you reach... the more you earn and the more you Change The World!

It's a Real World Game where you learn, develop and complete tasks to advance to the next level.
Level I: TrueFreedom
Level II: SilverPlan
Level III-V: Hidden

SilverCoin is FREE to join and you get complete access to TrueFreedom and your Affiliate Link so you can start learning and earning right away and at no cost.

Join For Free and Start With 16 Coins

- Earn 16 coins for every referral.
- Track earnings in real time.
- It’s easy to do. Just share a link.
- Entire Internet is your marketplace.
- One link can produce many payouts.
- Basic marketing tips provided.
- High quality banners to aid your efforts.

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This bounty will probably end up without any prior notice!

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