GetBounty (XBTY) Project - Ethereum Token - Free Distribution Started

What is Bounty (XBTY)?
Bounty (XBTY) it’s just a digital token, an ERC20 Standard Token on Ethereum blockchain and it’s fully compatible with all Ethereum wallets which support ERC20 Tokens or smart-contracts that uses the ERC20 Standard. Can be used as coins, certificates, IOUs, in game credits, currency for services, etc.

It has no value by itself, implemented and used on various services tho it’s another story.

Not another IPO/ICO/Crowdsale
We hate ICOs as the majority of them are ending raising a lot of money in advance without offering anything of value.

Brain crunching a fancy idea, write a fancier whitepaper and pay somebody to write some basic functions for your github is very easy, anybody can do that and it starts to feel like anybody is doing that already by the number of ICOs appearing over night.

“Don’t ask for my money in advance, go develop your service, release it and prove that it’s working.

It doesn’t require that many millions of dollars upfront. After you proved yourself come back and ask for millions to advertise yourself on the market”

What are your future plans for GetBounty project?
We are not rushing anything at the moment, we have a few ideas and something on the table under development.

Our main goal is to develop as many services as possible and also have the community to join and help us do so.

In our available free time we are developing those services for XBTY Token to increase the demand and hopefully it’s value on the long term, treating this as an open-source business where the community can join and help.

Currently we are working on:
A P2P VPN service where you can host an Exit-Node and get paid with XBTY by anybody who’s using your Exit-Node as a VPN connection (streaming Netflix in countries where it’s not available, browse safely while connected to public WIFI or other untrusted networks, etc);

An online Poker Holdem game (We are still planning if to use XBTY directly as chips or to use XBTY to buy chips and cash-out chips for XBTY);

An online Business or Service directory database where you can post information about your bitcoin/ethereum based business or service to increase your online visibility. This service will require XBTY to post your business/service, increasing demand for XBTY;

An online magazine with blockchain-tech related articles (similar to Coindesk). Advertorials and Banner ads will be paid in XBTY;

More ideas are on the table and we are very open to more ideas from you.

Token information
Blockchain: Ethereum blockchain
Token name: Bounty
Token symbol: XBTY
Total supply: 3,141,592
Contract source-code: View source-code
Block explorer: View block explorer

How to use Bounty (XBTY) with Ethereum wallet
1. Download official Ethereum wallet — Download
2. Click on “Contracts
3. Click on “Watch Token
4. Insert token information
- Token contract address: 0x22a3B451d60A72388a37c97Bc517E44ad76A50F7
- Token name: Bounty
- Token symbol: XBTY
- Decimals places of smallest unit: 18

How to use Bounty (XBTY) with
1. Click on “Add custom token
2. Insert token information:
- Address: 0x22a3B451d60A72388a37c97Bc517E44ad76A50F7
- Token symbol: XBTY
- Decimal: 18

Test the token
10 XBTY are reserved for tests.
If you want to test Ethereum wallet and address you can request 0.001 XBTY
Send your Ethereum address to request XBTY for test by PM on bitcointalk or DM on twitter.

GetBounty project

Twitter page:
Facebook page:

XBTY Bounty Campaign List

Twitter Campaign

-  628,318 XBTY Available
-  Follow @GetYourBounty
-  Weekly distribution
-  0.1 XBTY / Follower / Week
e.g. If your twitter account has 3000 followers, your stake is 300 XBTY / week

- You must follow and keep following our twitter page @GetYourBounty;
- You must be active, retweet our tweets or tweet about @GetYourBounty.
- There is no minimum requirement of tweets/retweets but please don't ignore us.
- Having no activity over long periods can get you excluded from the campaign
- You will be excluded from the bounty for spamming accounts, bots, etc;
- You must have a minimum of 150 Followers to be accepted;

Register Here: Join Twitter Campaign
See Participants List: Twitter Campaign Participants

Facebook Campaign

-  157,080 XBTY Available
-  Follow and Like our Facebook page
- Weekly distribution
-  50 XBTY / Week

- Follow and Like our Facebook page at;
- Keep following our page to continuously receive XBTY on weekly basis;
- Be active, like and share our Facebook posts;
- If your activity is too low (no shares and likes over long periods) you will be excluded from the campaign;
- You must have a minimum of 50 real friends;
- Don't use a Facebook profile dedicated for joining bounties;

Register Here: Join Facebook Campaign
See Participants List: Facebook Campaign Participants

For more information about XBTY, Token Distribution, Join distribution, Roadmap, Services and other XBTY campaign you can visit their sites, forum and social media here:
Blog: GetBounty
Forum: [ANN] [XBTY] GetBounty project - Ethereum Token - Free Distribution started

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